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"My name is Yvonne. I am an English woman who has been trying to learn French for quite a long time! I had an intense one week course with Francois which I thoroughly enjoyed.
He is a very good and astute teacher. Just the right amount of time spent "in the classroom " followed by some "French life sightseeing".
I have gained a lot of confidence in myself with speaking French, although I still don't remember enough vocab! It is fun to try though!"



"For starters I think I should give you a short history of who I am and where I am coming from. My name is Michael O'Sullivan and I am a retired head teacher from a primary school. I spent many a holiday touring in France with my caravan and my family and always found it to be a big disadvantage not to have a knowledge of the French language. I fell in love with the language and the French way of life and I decided that if I got the opportunity I would try and learn the language. Now that I am retired I have the time and the opportunity. So I went searching on the internet for some course to help me. Last January twelve months ago I came across a website called " French4You ". The only French I knew at this stage was: bonjour, and merçi. This course has three levels with roughly twelve structured lessons in each level, going from fairly simply to well advanced. I found this very interesting and I could advance at my own speed. During the first few weeks I found that I could understand and say some really useful phrases. By the end of the course I could order food in a restaurant, ask directions, and hold a simple conservation about everyday events. I was absolutely amazed at the speed of my improvement. Then I received an email from the company advertising their summer courses in Le Royal Canadel in the south of France. So I decided to give it a go as I had now enough French not to get lost in France. By this time I had completed the course for a second time. I settled for a week in September. This was the best week of my life. The weather was beautiful and the location is out of this world. François has a beautiful house on a cliff only a few steps down to the Mediterranean Sea. The structure of the day was: we rose early each morning ( seven thirty usually ) and started the day with a swim for roughly half an hour. Then breakfast on the patio outside to the sound of the ocean waves with the early morning sun beating in on us. At around nine thirty we started lessons. This study period lasted for about four hours with a coffee break mid way. François structured the lessons to my ability. Explanations were given in English but François nursed me through with a mixture of French also. His ability to impart knowledge is exceptional. We then had a two hour break for dinner. This opportunity was used to practice spoken French. Each afternoon I was brought sightseeing. Again I got great opportunity to practice my acquired knowledge of the language. The evenings were quiet relaxing private times or were spent watching a video. We usually retired to bed early. The house is so comfortable wit all modern conveniences. My ambition is to be able to speak french with a good accent, to be able to understand french speaking people and to read some french books.
I forgot to mention that I was the only student for the week. I did not have homework as such but our incidental conversations out of class were used as such. I felt one week was not enough so I now have a lesson once a month with François through skype. I am also planning to spend a week with him in Paris during April. My next visit to Le Royal Canadel is planned for 21st June this year so maybe if you decide to go you might keep that date in mind. I had researched a number of other schools and I thought this one was the best from a price and location point of view. I would like to stress that these are my personal impressions of this school and that others might have a totally different opinion. I found François to be a most obliging, kind, and patient person. His methodology is second to none and his power to impart knowledge is unsurpassable. His ability to understand and address student's needs is admirable.
Sue I hope this information is useful to you and that it helps you in some way to come to a decision. If you require any further answers or questions please don't hesitate to contact me."

À bientôt,"



"I spent a week with François, engaging with the French language, the culture and the people and highly recommend him as a great teacher. His sense of humour, adaptability to individual preferences and needs; his subtle guidance and patience, not to mention his expert driving in the Parisian traffic were second to none. He became a friend as well as an instructor. I enjoyed every moment and improved my French at the same time."


"Bonjour Francois,
Learning French with Francois Mouchard and staying at the beautiful Le Rayol Canadel was the most stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding experience. My confidence in speaking French definitely developed with his encouragement and patience. His style of teaching is grammar focused with conversational French in a friendly, positive environment. I loved being immersed in the language, learning so much about French history and culture. Merci beaucoup Francois. Je voudrais revenir bientot!"


"François was an excellent host and with his teaching, patience, knowledge and understanding, I gained the confidence to speak in french during my stay and in Paris after my immersion week. To achieve my goal of improving my spoken french, François directed his teaching to the relevant aspects of grammar which are important to speaking French well.
François is fluent in English and was therefore able to explain fully anything I did not understand.
After the lessons, teaching continued informally throughout the day when the things I had learnt "came alive" in conversations during meals, traveling about or relaxing.

The accommodation at François' house on the Côte d'Azur was excellent.
The villa is on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with steps leading down to the water where we swam and snorkelled.
The views from the house are magnificent. The house itself is very clean, light and airy. I slept in a lovely room on a comfortable bed with views over the sea. Besides swimming, we went for walks, I watched french films (with English subtitles) and enjoyed looking french magazines and cookbooks.

François drove me to St Tropez. Le Lavendou and Borme, le Rayol, Canadel, where we walked through the villages, and to places of historical and cultural interest. I enjoyed trips to the supermarket and local shops I loved the meals and entering into the French way of life, tasting french delicacies, drinking french wine and eating delicious meals. The "tarte trapezienne" was amazing!

François is a true gentleman and it was a pleasure and a privilege to study with him and be in such a friendly, welcoming and relaxing environment."


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