Why studying French « by the sea »?

White light on the islands
White light on the islands


Why « French by the sea »? What does a French immersion session and even a private French course have to do with the sea?


I think the pictures speak for themselves… Our house is located in one of the most delicious spots on the French Riviera, right by
the sea, « les pieds dans l’eau »…

The advantages are tremendous! The view on the islands from your bedroom or from the terraces brings such a feeling of peace and really provides a spirit of happiness.

A French immersion session

Depending on your wish, we usually spend two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon studying French.
So it is fair to say that a break with a cup of tea on the patio is sometimes needed. If you’re a swimmer, all you have to do is walk down the stairs and go for a swim.
You have plenty of choices… we have masks and snorkles to help you admire the beautiful underwater life.
If you prefer, you can reach the beach in a few strokes or by foot.         I would be more than happy to show you every spot I know along the coast.

Our 400 year old Cyca
Our 400 year old Cyca

Our garden is also a jewel in itself. I hate to boast but I cannot skip that part… Our palm trees including a 400 years old Cyca give the place a wonderful summer spirit.


I will also be happy to show you the cork oaks that fill the hills as well as the strawberry trees.

The pink laurels in the Summer and the mimosas in the Winter add up to the bright colours of our garden.
The eucalyptus trees give such a pleasant perfume all year round.
The sea, of course, supplies a perfect blue background and it is the main part of each trip we take in our little villages like St Tropez, Bormes-les-mimosas or Ramatuelle…

Sea breams with a bit of fennel ready for the oven
Sea breams with a bit of fennel ready for the oven

It would not be fair to forget the « cuisine provençale » that gives the products of the sea their proper complement.
Lots of fish, fish soup, sea food… If it is the right month, I can even catch a few sea urchins for you.


As you probably noticed, we are in love with the area and our house is made to take full advantage of the situation…

Study French in France

I am French but Leslie, my wife who is American, says I am bilingual as well as our children. I like to emphasize this aspect of our family because, I really think our teaching is a lot more efficient with a few
comments in English once in a while. Most the time, I know exactly the mental process of my students trying to put words together in French.  It really helps them getting into the « French speaking mind ».

Even though we speak French all day long, our students enjoy going back to English from time to time.
Remember that our class can be considered a private class since we welcome three students together at the most…

We are ready to welcome you all year round. Just ask us for more information…

Hoping to meet you soon… by the Sea!

François and Leslie

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