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Learning French when you’re an English speaking person

Larry and Lea
Larry and Lea studying the reflexive verbs

The four (so-called) difficult grammar points…

Just like learning any language, learning how to speak French requires a few efforts and a good amount of perseverance.

Of course, the vocabulary, the masculine and the feminine as well as the « vous » and the « tu » are challenging grammar points for an English speaking person but besides these minor difficulties, you will save yourself an enormous amount of time and struggle by making sure you master these 4 points:

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Why studying French « by the sea »?

White light on the islands
White light on the islands


Why « French by the sea »? What does a French immersion session and even a private French course have to do with the sea?


I think the pictures speak for themselves… Our house is located in one of the most delicious spots on the French Riviera, right by
the sea, « les pieds dans l’eau »…

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A French training session on the French Riviera

2 photos de la maison pour BLOG

Dear Student of the French language,
Our planning for Spring and Summer 2016 is slowly but surely
getting filled with students who are coming to study French and
enjoy the Côte d’Azur with us.

I just would like to keep you informed on our schedule so you
wouldn’t miss on that beautiful Spring and Summer weather…
By the sea!

during Spring and Summer 2016 (depending on your level…):

July 3 – July 9 / July 10 – July 16
Aug 28 – Sept 3 / Sept 4 – Sept 10 / Sept 11 – Sept 17…

Don’t hesitate to send me an Email and possibly set a time to discuss
your needs in learning French (I can call you on Skype or on the phone).

I also have students who can’t afford to come but want to study French with me.
I give them French lessons on Skype every week and we have a wonderful time…
If you would like to try, I would be happy to give you a free lesson.
Just let me know and I will get in touch with you rapidly.

My Email address:
My phone numbers: +33 (0)6 81 94 21 72 / +33 (0)9 81 79 43 58
My Skype ID: mouchard1957